Leading the way in portable toilet provision for almost 50 years, Portaloo has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share that can help you when choosing interim toilet, shower and changing room facilities for your organisation.

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How To Hire Portable Toilets The Easy Way - And Avoid The Most Common Mistakes in The Process
19 tips to ensure that your toilet facilities are delivered on time and to domestic-quality standards
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How to cater for multi-cultural users in your toilet and washroom provision
The UK is an increasingly multi-cultural society and it’s becoming important for any organisation providing toilets and washrooms for public use to include facilities that meet the needs of multi-faith and multi-national communities. This 12-step guide to choosing high-quality, specially adapted facilities covers the types of organisations that need to provide multi-cultural washroom facilities, the particular requirements of different nationalities and faiths that you need to cater for and how to choose a suitable supplier for these specialist washroom amenities.
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How to provide accessible toilets and washrooms for people with disabilities
Any organisation that provides toilets or washrooms for use by the public needs to ensure that provision is made for people with disabilities. This 12-point guide to choosing accessible facilities that meet Equality Act 2010 legislation and Changing Places recommendations provides a checklist of the key points to consider to ensure that toilet and washing facilities are suitably adapted for use by people with disabilities.
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The things you MUST know when choosing showers and changing rooms for your organisation
Your 12-step guide to specifying the perfect facilities for your needs There are many factors to consider when you are procuring shower or changing room facilities, whether for sports teams, staff, pupils, visitors or customers. Getting the optimum facilities for your specific application and budget requires careful planning, followed by intelligent building design. This detailed report takes you through the process, from initial planning to design, specification and choosing your supplier. The 12 simple steps will help you to avoid the common mistakes that many organisations make when procuring new shower or changing room buildings.
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